Upcoming Developments in Takapuna

Takapuna is set to undergo a huge transformation over the next few years with a couple of major redevelopments being set in motion in late 2018 and early 2019.

Already the go-to hub on the North Shore, Takapuna is recognized as  in the Auckland Plan as one of 10 metropolitan area – so it comes as little surprise that there is significant investment being poured into the area in order to ready itself for the forecasted population growth over the next decade.

First off, there will be a major development of a new carpark and town centre on 14 Huron street.  This comes after a lengthy public debate process and submissions over the pros and cons of leaving the existing car park as-is, and whether it’s in the community’s best interests to re-develop the area in the first place.

Consent has since been given the green light, which gives way to build a multiple story, 420-strong car park that will also feature electric car and bike charging stations, motorbike and accessibility parking and storage for bicycles. The town centre will be at least 300sqm and will also consist of public space, shops, businesses and homes.

The existing Anzac Street carpark – consisting of 250 public car parks – will be open as per usual until the new site is completed, ensuring that residents, visitors and commuters will have as little disruption as possible.

For more information on the development, you can visit the Council website here and the Panuku development website here.

Secondly, Hurstmere Road will be undergoing development starting early 2019. This main strip in the heart of Takapuna will be transformed into a north-bound one-lane street. It has been designed to have more focus on pedestrian and bicycle usage, creating more flow and people-friendly design between the beach and the main shopping district. Traffic going south will be redirected via Anzac Street and Lake Road.

You can read more about the Hurstmere Road upgrade here.

What do you think about these two developments? Do you think they are the best options for Takapuna?

Image Credit: I Love Takapuna