Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Age

In a world where it seems like a new online trend or shiny new platform seems to pop up every month, it can be difficult not to be overwhelmed by all the options available when it comes to marketing a property (whether residential or commercial).  The good news is that a strong and effective marketing campaign in 2018 still involves both print and digital media.

Although there has been a rapid increase in digital platforms available to use, it is still essential to get our properties seen in print publications both nationally and regionally. Print is most certainly not dead – in fact, NZ Herald readership numbers are increasing (both in print and online).

A huge advantage of advertising properties in the paper is that these readers are already actively interested in the property market and could be more open to potentially buying.

That being said, it’s still important to make use of at least some of the digital marketing platforms available in order to produce a well-rounded campaign that reaches as much of the target market as possible.

Contrary to popular belief that only teens and young adults use social media, the online space is populated by people of all walks of life. Digital can come in many forms, and different online platforms and types of content can be utilized to get your property in front of the right target market.

Some of these digital platforms include:

  • Websites – including an agent’s personal website, the company website such as as well as property search engine databases like and
  • Social media – in particular, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are growing in popularity with real estate agents in marketing both themselves and their property listings
  • Online targeted paid advertising – like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords
  • Video marketing – distributing video content is proven to result in higher engagement than static images
  • And of course direct email marketing – this more traditional way of communicating to a database of contacts is still a very effective tool in reaching interested parties, as well as past and present vendors and purchasers

One of the pros of digital marketing is the ability to reach more potential buyers where they are online; this is because it can be highly targeted, with the ability to send ads to certain demographics and desired attributes. The ability to measure this online activity and the results that ensues is also a huge benefit, by analyzing more complex analytics that contain new terms and units of measurement for the digital age.

For example, terms like:

  • “Impressions” (how many times people saw your ad online).
  • “Click-Through Rate” or CTR (the percentage of people who view your online ad that actually click through to read more about the listing on the website).
  • “Clicks” and “engagement” (interactions on the social media post/ad).

While advertising properties in the appropriate print publications is still essential to a marketing campaign, utilizing a combination of digital strategies like social media and online advertising can help expand the impact of a campaign. This combination can help it stand out above the rest and bring in the desired results faster and more effectively for our vendors.

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