Market Updates

December , 2018

Upcoming Developments in Takapuna

Takapuna is set to undergo a huge transformation over the next few years with a couple of major redevelopments being set in motion in late 2018 […]
December , 2018

Find Out Your Building’s NBS Rating

Not sure what your building’s NBS rating (or Earthquake prone rating) is? You can now easily find it out online, as The Ministry of Business Innovation […]
October , 2018

Browns Bay is Booming – Area Update

Browns Bay has been undergoing some dramatic transformations over the past few years, and the rewards of those efforts are starting to become more apparent. The […]
October , 2018

Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Age

In a world where it seems like a new online trend or shiny new platform seems to pop up every month, it can be difficult not […]
September , 2018

Recent Leases in Devonport

It’s been a busy past couple of months, with a large number of recent commercial property leases in and around Devonport. Read on for an update […]